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Having a great dining on plains or in front of the beach is great if the food is delicious. What if you can get the same experience in the rich green foothills after a leisure walks that calm your minds or after a crazy hiking experience.

In today’s fast world, we get a very little periods to spend with our loved ones. So why not spend in a place filled with beauty and peace?

After achieving the milestone of being the best caterer of Indian food in Bali, we thought to bring innovation to the concept. Queens of Indian bring you the concept of Bollywood Hills offering scrumptious and delectable food with the abundance of beauty all around this tropical paradise.

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Discover the art of flawless social events at Queen’s Bali

At Queen’s, we believe fun is never over and it can’t be. We value partnerships and collaborations because successful partnerships deliver the best value for their customers resulting in making the cherished event.

Queens of India is open for partnerships with events and collaborators for delivering the best experience to its partners and clients.

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At Queen’s Bali, guests are invited to participate in a sensory journey into the taste, spirit and culture of Indian cuisine. From the mild flavours of Kashmir to the hot and spicy specialities of the south, the exciting menu offers vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes galore, followed by wonderful Indian desserts. Queen’s of India is an experienced Indian Catering company offering variety in Indian Cuisines. Queen’s of India brings you the taste of delectable Indian dining across some of the best mountain cliffs and beaches of Bali, situated opposite to Ubud Royal Palace.


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